header Marc Puttkammer

Exam completed

This is to certify my knowledge about networks, how to configure and how to secure them. I can help companies or private persons to create a network fitting their needs.

CompTIA A+
Course completed

CompTIA A+ course thaught me the necessary things about Hardware, BIOS, how to detect errors and likely everything the typical techy needs.

CompTIA Linux+
Course completed

Linux is THE Operating System, it's free. Could be used for Hosting anything or simply for private use.

Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking
Course completed

Not sure how easily you could be hacked? Don't be ignorant and check your system before it is too late!

Advanced Penetration Testing
Course completed

More advanced hacking techniques, can't wait to use them.

Python for Security Professionals
Course completed

I can code my own hacking tools. Sniffer, fuzzer, exploits, rootkits...